Large City Lawsuits

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  • SCE and PG&E are lobbying for legislative changes in Sacramento, to lessen their liability for the 2017 wildfires and future ones. In particular, these investor-owned utilities (with market caps of over $20 billion) are spending substantial amounts fighting California’s current application of inverse condemnation to their culpability for wildfires. Currently, under inverse condemnation,... read entire article

  • PG&E and SCE are lobbying Sacramento to change California’s application of inverse condemnation law to investor-owned utilities. They are also trying to have California pass a bond measure that would require ratepayers to reimburse the bonds used to finance wildfire settlements.

    Just yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown sent his proposal to amend California’s inverse condemnation law to... read entire article

  • New news article explains how California's biggest utility companies were warned to do more to prevent power lines and equipment from starting fires. Read the entire article here.

  • Thomas Fire Map Ventura

  • Cal FireWe are saddened to learn that a Cal Fire firefighter from San Diego died in a burnover while fighting the Thomas Fire on the eastern flank in Fillmore.